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Tax & Asset Benefits

41 MPa property tax depreciation experts help clients achieve the best depreciation entitlements across a wide range of capital allowance provisions.

We prepare schedules detailing the depreciation and capital allowances available to the taxpayer. We review ownership of assets to determine the demarcation between landlord and tenant ownership. We reconcile tax depreciation schedules with fixed asset additions and prepare projections for allowances that are available for the remaining life of the property to ensure that after-tax returns are optimized.

To ensure that a building is operating at its optimum level, 41MPa has a life cycle model that can be used during the initial planning of a building and throughout its lifetime.

41 MPa undertakes replacement cost assessments to provide a robust cost of replacement for insurance and reporting purposes.

41 MPa provides estimates of available allowances so that tax depreciation issues are addressed comprehensively throughout the due diligence and divestment process before a lease agreement is signed. The company also provides schedules for landlords and tenants where fit out contributions are made as part of a leasing transaction.

Asset Management Plans for Retirement Villages

Under the Retirement Village Act, operators must develop Asset Management Plans in compliance with Section 101A of the Act. These include a 3 Year Plan, a Maintenance Schedule, and an Asset Register. We can complete these works for you as well as act as an independent QS to review other providers’ plans to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Act.

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