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Quantity Surveying

41 MPa Quantity Surveyors are experts at providing cost and contract management advice to clients throughout asset design and construction.

The pillar for this service includes:

At 41 MPa, we assist clients in the early stages of their project. We analyze the feasibility of the project and help create a realistic budget and schedule. We assess risks and help optimize designs.

At 41 MPa, we create detailed cost plans and guide you on the cost effects of design changes. We ensure value management to give you confidence in your project’s cost, design, construction, and program outcomes.

At 41 MPa, we develop detailed Bills of Quantities that are crucial for tendering and construction administration. These bills help to thoroughly evaluate tenders and provide a strong basis for assessing variations. Our focus is on ensuring a comprehensive and accurate tendering process, which is essential for successful construction projects.

At 41 MPa, we believe in helping clients make the best procurement decisions for their construction projects. To achieve this, we offer valuable advice on hiring contractors and negotiating contracts. We create essential documents that outline the design of a project and its cost implications. Our aim is to assist clients in developing informed strategies that lead to positive results for their projects.

We monitor and cost any claims or client changes, providing cost to complete reports and negotiating any variations. We apply established cost monitoring procedures to review progress claims and completed works to recommend payment.

We have developed a system to manage risks during construction. This system helps protect the financier, developer, and contractor. We evaluate the costs of a project and keep track of progress payments by monitoring changes or claims.

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