Closure Report

A comprehensive report detailing the final outcomes of the project, including lessons learned.

Cost Reporting

Regular reporting of project costs to track expenditure against the budget.

Defects Management

The process of identifying, reporting, and rectifying defects or deficiencies in construction work to ensure the project meets quality standards.

Defects Report

The building inspector prepares a defects report outlining any identified defects. This report is provided to the developer, the owners’ corporation, and the builder. The developer is then required to rectify the defects mentioned in the report.

Depreciation Schedule

A report prepared by a qualified quantity surveyor outlining the depreciation deductions that can be claimed on a property for tax purposes.

Expert Witness Report

A written statement prepared by an expert witness detailing their findings and opinions related to the construction dispute.

Financial Reporting

Preparing financial statements and reports for the construction project, including cost status and budget deviations.

Investment Property Report

A detailed document prepared by a quantity surveyor outlining depreciation deductions for a specific investment property.

Progress Report

Regular updates on the project’s status, including achievements, challenges, and planned activities.

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