A professional in Australia who designs and plans buildings and structures for development projects.

As-Built Drawings

Final drawings reflecting the actual construction details and modifications made during the project.

Brownfield Development

The redevelopment of previously used or abandoned land in Australia, typically within existing urban areas.

Building Code Compliance

Ensuring the construction project adheres to local and national building codes and regulations.

Civil Engineer

A professional in Australia responsible for designing and overseeing the construction of infrastructure, such as roads and utilities, for a development project.

Community Title

A form of property ownership in Australia where residents own individual lots and share ownership of common facilities and land.

Construction Drawings

Detailed graphical representations of the project design, including architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical plans.

Cost Estimation

Predicting the cost of construction activities based on available information.

Development Application (DA)

The formal submission to local authorities in Australia requesting permission to undertake a development project.

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