As-Built Drawings

Final drawings reflecting the actual construction details and modifications made during the project.

Brownfield Development

The redevelopment of previously used or abandoned land in Australia, typically within existing urban areas.

De Novo Review

A complete and fresh review of a construction dispute by an adjudicator or arbitrator, without considering the previous decisions made.

Due Diligence

The thorough investigation in Australia of all aspects of the development project, including legal, financial, and technical considerations.

Force Majeure

Extraordinary events or circumstances beyond the parties’ control that may excuse non-performance or delay.

Gantt Chart

A visual representation of the project schedule, showing tasks and their respective timeframes.

Greenfield Development

The development of previously undeveloped land in Australia, often on the outskirts of urban areas.

Kickoff Meeting

The initial meeting to launch the project and set expectations.


A process where a neutral mediator assists parties in negotiating and reaching a voluntary settlement.


Significant events or achievements in the project, often used as markers to track progress.

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