Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

A document issued by authorities indicating that the construction project complies with building codes and is suitable for occupancy. In the Australian building industry, the terms “Occupation Certificate” (OC) and “Certificate of Occupation” (CO) are often used interchangeably, but they typically refer to the same document. both the Occupation Certificate (OC) and Certificate of Occupation …

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Change Order

A written agreement that modifies the scope, price, or schedule of a construction contract.

Change Order

A written document that alters the scope of work, cost, or schedule in a construction contract.

Change Order

A written document that alters the project’s scope, schedule, or budget after the project has begun.

Completion Certificate

The document in Australia issued by local authorities to certify that a development project has been completed in accordance with approved plans and regulations.

Compliance Certificate

A document issued by a qualified certifier or authority, confirming that building work has been completed in compliance with applicable regulations and approvals.

Contract Management

Overseeing and administering project contracts to ensure compliance and performance.

Contractual Advice

Providing legal and contractual guidance to clients and stakeholders involved in a construction project.

Contractual Agreement

A legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of the project’s relationship with clients, vendors, or subcontractors.

Cost-Plus Contract

A contract in which the contractor is reimbursed for actual costs incurred, plus an agreed-upon fee or percentage.

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