Project Management

Bid Evaluation

The assessment of submitted bids or proposals to determine the most suitable supplier or contractor based on criteria such as cost, qualifications, and capabilities.

Change Management

The process of handling changes to project scope, schedule, and budget.

Change Order

A written document that alters the project’s scope, schedule, or budget after the project has begun.

Class 9b building

Class 9b building in Australia refers to a specific classification of buildings based on their use and purpose. It falls under the Special Use Buildings section of the National Construction Code (NCC) in Australia. Class 9b buildings are classified as Education Buildings and encompass buildings where people gather for social, political, theatrical, religious, or civic …

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Closure Report

A comprehensive report detailing the final outcomes of the project, including lessons learned.

Code Compliance

Ensuring that construction activities and outcomes align with local building codes and regulations.

Constructability Review

An assessment of project plans and designs to ensure they are feasible and can be constructed efficiently.

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